Healing Trauma & Addictions

There is life after trauma.  There is life after addiction.  Neither one is easy to navigate, especially with family or friends that don't understand or haven't been in your shoes.  Trauma can feel overwhelming.  Addiction and trauma can feel like they are running your life with you in the passenger seat.  

  • Do you feel stuck in the same cycle?  (whether it's relationships, jobs, finances or other areas of life)

  • Are you trying to numb the pain, even if you can't name the pain?

  • Do you promise yourself you won't drink/use/gamble/have sex, etc. but end up breaking yet another promise to yourself?

  • Do you feel unwanted, unneeded, or like you'll never be free from "this?"

  • Do you think, "Why can't I figure this out?"

  • Have you lost yourself? The life you knew? Or dreams you once had?

  • Are you in the same abusive relationships, with the same toxic people over and over again?

  • Have you thought, "Why me?" or "Why does this keep happening to me?"

Getting through the other side of trauma and addiction is possible.