• Pete


Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I hope this blog finds everyone doing well. Things have really changed since my last blog. More fearful news, more guidelines and more confusion for the masses. Stay the course my friends, don't allow them to get you to stray from your intended path. Hold firm to where your internal compass is trying to lead you. Let me say this again for everyone, "live with love" and raise your vibrational frequency to its highest level and keep your immune system strong. Fear will only lower your vibrational frequency to its lowest level and lower your immune system. So let's go over a few things you can do to help elevate your vibrational frequency and immune system.

Live with love is the best way to boost your vibrational frequency to its highest level. Laughter and happiness are a close second. Watch a funny movie, or laugh with someone over some jokes or old silly stories. Realize you are the only one of you in the entire universe and that is amazing. Happiness can be simply knowing that or it may be having a pet or loved one with you during these troubled time. Whether its cooking, reading, walking, dreaming, soul searching, meditating or anything that makes you happy, and is safe and healthy then do that now. Boost your vibrational frequency now with love, happiness and laughter now. The better you feel the higher your immune system will be. Plus by being happy and letting love guide you, the vibrational frequency you put out up to 11 miles will help raise the community vibrational frequency to a higher, healthier, happier level.

Smile, laugh, love, and stay busy right now. Stay the course and continue to take this time to soul search. What or where is your internal compass trying to lead you? Realize you create your reality with where you place your focus. If you focus on following your internal compass it will keep you from living in fear. I believe in you. Don't let all the fear and uncertainty lower your amazing vibrational frequency. Be strong and most importantly be you. The only one of you in the entire universe.