• Pete

Stay Calm and Believe

As I sit here looking out the window into the beautiful Colorado mountains, I notice the birds doing what they always do. Flying from tree to tree, checking for food and opportunities. They don't care about some virus outbreak, a political race heating up or anything else going on in the world outside of their space. They are just doing what they need to do to be safe, live and thrive. I look back not too many years ago when I would watch the news and get stressed out about all the negative stories. I would get anxious about almost everything I couldn't control in the world. Over the last five years through personal journeys, personal learning, schooling, experiences, and the loving guidance and knowledge of my twin flame I have evolved to rise above all the noise, fear, lies and chaos we live in. When you learn to focus on your purpose for being here and let go of what we are taught we have to be and do, things just kind of open up for us.

Once you put trust in the universe or the divine, believe, show gratitude, give back and follow your internal compass you become limitless. We are all energy putting out vibrational frequencies into our surroundings. We have been limited in so many ways from food to schooling and so much more for far too long. We are trained from a very early age to follow the masses and to be like everyone else. I say this a lot, but here it is again "there is only one of you in the entire universe, so stop trying to be like everyone else"! You are very very rare and very very special. Don't ever forget that! You were placed on this amazing planet for a reason. You have a purpose and just like me, you may have been led away from fulfilling that. It is hard enough to overcome everything we are taught and made to believe that leads us away from our purpose. Then you add in the subconscious and body who have been trained since your birth. So think about this for a minute, what if the subconscious and body have been trained with the wrong information? Then how do you ever reach your purpose in life? Its quite simple to be completely honest. Follow your internal compass and what it has been trying to lead you to your whole life. Its never too late to make that change and you are never too lost. When something causes you stress and grief you are on the wrong path. Look back to your internal compass for guidance. When something brings you joy and happiness you are headed down the right path.

So in these troubled times with all the fear based news stay calm. Make sure you are taking care of yourself which means your physical health, exercise program, mindset, rest, hydration, and that you are staying busy. Limit how much news you watch, read or listen to. Fear and stress lower your immune system and lower your vibrational frequency to its lowest level. Love and happiness help to raise your immune system and raise your vibrational frequency to its highest level. The more love and happiness we all experience, the more positive feelings and energy we will add to our world. So let love guide you through these troubled times. What is your internal compass trying to lead you to? Take some time to look into that. Stay safe and believe!

*Always consult your medical professional, doctor or specialist before making any dietary changes or implementing a new exercise program.