• Pete

Sometimes you need a little guidance

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Feeling lost and not knowing where to start is such a bad feeling! All of my diets kept failing. My health was not where I wanted it to be. I couldn't seem to find the ladder to climb out of this hole I was stuck in. Addiction (everything from food to drugs) kept ruining my life. Anxiety, fear and panic attacks ran my life. Some hidden resistance kept stopping me from change. It just feels like I am always spinning my wheels without moving. I was so stuck and just couldn't seem to create change. If any of this sounds like you, then I want to let you know that you are not alone. This all to common for most people on this amazing planet.

For most of my life I struggled with all of these issues. I felt so alone and trapped as I stumbled through life. I would try so hard to implement change for a new life, but it always fell apart. I would climb up that mountain of life a bit and then I would crash back down. How could I work so hard to climb towards the peak and never seem to have the ability to reach it. Change seemed so amazing in my thoughts and dreams, but why could I not manifest that for myself? I had many moments in my life where I was ready to give up. The amazing fact about the universe/divine is that it doesn't want us to give up. We are designed to push through and follow our internal compass. Lets remember those two words, as your internal compass is your purpose for being on earth. I was able to break through my barriers and break free of my resistance with help and guidance. Now through my schooling and experiences I have found the way to break free. There are many reasons why we always feel stuck or trapped. The two biggest barriers or resistance in my opinion are our subconscious mind and the outside world, aka outside influences.

The first barrier or resistance to change is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is born and starts learning from the first beat of your heart. It fears change and the unknown and will do anything including panic attacks to keep you from change and the unknown. When we are young, change is easier as our subconscious program hasn't been completed yet, but by the age of 35 it is fully written and running full steam. By your mid twenties it is already almost fully written and running. By the age of 35, your conscious mind is given only 5% of your ability to choose your daily actions and thoughts, leaving 95% of the power to your subconscious mind. This takes the help of a coach or therapist to overcome and to be able to rewrite or recode the subconscious mind. The good news is you can do it. Just be aware it takes focus, effort and time to achieve this recode. So if you feel there is some hidden resistance or a barrier to change, my guess would be that it is your subconscious mind. Just like it was mine when I was struggling and feeling trapped.

The other big barrier or resistance to change and the unknown, is the outside world. We are raised being told what to learn, how to act, when to and what to eat and so much more. This plays a huge part in the subconscious minds program, fears, insecurities and beliefs. We often surround ourselves with unhealthy foods, air, water, people, jobs, addictions due to the influence of the world around us. We lose connection with our internal compass and become lost in this very confusing world. We start to live with fear, stress, depression, hopelessness and so many more harmful emotions and feelings. Once you lose the guidance of your internal compass you will quickly lose the path you are meant to be on to live the fullest, happiest and most satisfying life. Again the good news is you can overcome all of this.

The thing most of us struggle with is admitting we need help and guidance some times. We have been taught asking for help is a sign of weakness. I want to let you know when I finally asked for help and guidance my life changed for the better. I was able to find happiness. I was able to reduce and then eliminate my panic attacks. I was most importantly able to lower stress and start living with love and happiness. When we live with love and happiness our vibrational frequency climbs to its highest level. Take some time to soul search and tune back into your internal compass. Reach out for help and guidance. I for months looked at only the cost of the help. That was a huge mistake. I wish I would have got the help and schooling I did much sooner in life. I realized if I could buy things that I didn't need, then spending money on my future was way more worth while.

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