• Pete

Escape the Flock!

What a difference a week makes in these troubled times. You can't escape the 24/7 onslaught of fear based news surrounding this virus pandemic. Even if you try to just go online to see what your family or friends are up to, there is something about the virus. You can't even listen to radio or watch television without being subjected to the fear and panic around this pandemic. You may even be finding yourself in a mandatory shelter in place, depending on where you are reading this from. I am in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and we are still not ordered to shelter in place. Times have changed and they will stay that way for a while. Whether stuck in your home or still doing your normal daily activities I have some tips for these upcoming months.

First lets take a little trip back in time. Not too long ago I was a TV watching, do what everyone else is doing, buy what is cool to everyone, processed food and meat eating SHEEP, just like I had been trained me to be. I followed the flock and did what I thought was right. I didn't question anything, like what we were taught to eat, what we are supposed to buy, how we are supposed to look, what we are to do for work and much more. The wool really was pulled over my eyes as they say. Wow what a difference pulling that wool back makes(Having an awakening). My eyes and mind were awake and I started to listen to my internal compass. This amazing thing we all have that leads us to what we are meant to do, our purpose for being here. Sadly many of us will never listen to our internal compass or understand what it is. The spark that pulled the wool back from my eyes was my loving twin flame. She opened my mind to a whole new world. I was kind of in shock at how much I was being fooled and how far from my true purpose I had been taken. We have been given so many items to keep us in the flock, just doing as we are taught and never questioning any of it. TV's, smart phones, movies, shows, social media, and so much more. The processed, chemical filled and nutrient depleted food we are all told is what we should eat, only aids in keeping us from our true purpose. This food also keeps us sick, tired, overweight and deprived of the living food our body truly needs to flourish.

Back to the upcoming weeks or months that lay ahead of us all. Let love and happiness guide you. Have a good mindset, eat healthy, exercise, hydrate, stay healthy, get lots of good rest and stay busy. Look inward towards your internal compass. What is it trying to guide you to? If what you are doing in life is bringing you stress, struggle and doubt then you have been pulled fully away from your true path. Take these upcoming weeks or months and find out what your purpose really is. This will be the best distraction you could ever find during these uncertain times. Once you point your self towards what you are meant to do, happiness and joy will surround you. Turn off that TV, meditate, reach out for help on finding your path again, look inward and do some soul searching as they say. You are never too old, you are never too lost. The Universe/Divine is an amazing thing and once you find what it put you here for, put your full trust in it, you start really living life to its fullest. Don't waste one more minute following the flock. Who are you for real? What is your purpose? What is your true potential? You are the only one of you in the entire universe, so stop trying to be like everyone else, be YOU! You are very very very rare and amazing!

*Always consult your medical professional, doctor or specialist before making any dietary changes or implementing a new exercise program.