• Pete

Be prepared for some major resistance to change...

Updated: Jan 30

Ok, so you made the choice to change something in your life. The big question is now what? It doesn't matter if you have decided to lose weight, change careers or do something new or different. The simple fact is the that the subconscious mind and body will resist any major change to what has been for years. The subconscious mind and body are like a autopilot system, helping you to do many important things without thought such as breathing, your heart beating and much more. The problem is the fact that the subconscious mind doesn't like to change or be in the unknown and from birth to around your early twenties it creates a program aka the autopilot. And by the time you are about 35 years old the subconscious mind gets 95% of the power to carry out your daily actions and thoughts, compared to only 5% of the power to carry out your daily actions and thoughts going to your conscious mind. Both the body and subconscious mind fear change and being in the unknown and only want to stay in the known without changing.

So lets think about this now. So we know that the body and subconscious mind resist change, even if the known is very bad, like an abusive relationship or trauma. So from your first breath your subconscious mind and body are learning and building a computer like program. This program can be good, bad or a mix of the two. Say you grow up in a home with parents who argue or fight all the time, that will become part of your subconscious program going forward. Your subconscious mind will think arguments and fights are known and ok, even if consciously you disagree. Now lets say you grow up in a home with parents who are loving and never argue. The program your subconscious mind and body build will be very different from the first example. In this second example, your subconscious mind and body will think showing love and avoiding arguments will be known. So what program do you have installed? You may say, well my parents were always fighting and arguing a lot and it causes me anxiety. This may be the case, but you will most likely be subconsciously drawn to those kind of relationships in your adult life, without reprogramming the subconscious mind and body. Then there is the curve ball of trauma. As human beings we by nature always remember traumatic, painful, scary and bad events the most. The bottom line is we all have this program or autopilot within us and the combination of the subconscious mind and body working together are a powerful duo to overcome.

The good news is that will the proper focus, determination, effort and guidance you can overcome and rewrite that program. You are never too old or too lost to change. Just know that for the majority of us change is always hard and we tend to be knocked of the course of change by our subconscious mind and body. Did you know that when the subconscious mind feels threatened about heading into unknown change it can actually cause physical symptoms? I have experienced this first hand and it is very scary. Over the last few years of really figuring out why and how things happen to me, I have dealt with panic and anxiety first hand. Personally my subconscious mind and body prior to reprogramming would cause physical symptoms, when I even thought about a major change from my normal old self. Sometimes it was chest pain and horrible fear that I was dying. Sometimes it can be making your stomach hurt or being tired all the time. Of course there are medical conditions(always consult your primary physician) that can cause all of those symptoms, but when you are cleared medically, it can only be the subconscious mind and body. As I stated they are a powerful duo to overcome. It took me many years to learn the ways to overcome my subconscious mind and body's old, safe and known ways of living. The reason so many people fail at trying to lose weight is the subconscious mind and body are not wanting to change. You may get thoughts like "I will start tomorrow', "I can never do this", "Only other people can do it", I am not worthy of being happy" and so many more self limiting subconscious derailment techniques, which include the physical symptoms listed above and so much more.

My advice to you is don't give up, focus and believe. Give it all your focus, effort and truly believe and whatever you are trying to change will be that much easier to achieve. Know that It is not weak to ask for help. It is not a failure to reach out to someone who can help guide you or put you back on track to your goal/s. I needed that help and guidance from my better half and all her experience, to open my mind and actually live not just survive. Life is an amazing thing don't waste it. There is only one of you in the entire universe and you are amazing, so stop trying to be like everyone else and be YOU! I wish you the best and We believe in you, do you? We are here if you need help and guidance. You can change! Just be prepared for resistance from that powerful duo, the subconscious and body. You can do this! If you would like more information or to try a recode please feel free to reach out to us.