You are probably wondering what is metabolic testing and analysis and how can it help you with your athletic performance, weight loss/gain and overall health. 

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All living organisms are kept alive through a chemical process known as metabolism. Metabolic testing is mostly used for weight loss and athletic performance, but has many other health benefits. A living organism's metabolism is what converts the calories ingested into energy the organism needs to function.

If you have a high metabolism it will be easier for you to lose weight and maintain that level of weight. If your metabolism is slow it will be harder for you to lose weight and maintain weight loss. If you limit your food intake improperly for extended periods of time you can slow your metabolism causing weight and health issues. Don't worry with metabolic rate testing, analysis, coaching and proper nutrition, training/exercise, and lifestyle, weight loss or gain, optimal athletic/exercise performance and health can be reached and maintained. The benefits of getting metabolic testing and analysis done are really life changing. Lets reach your goal/s and then set new ones, and repeat.

Our RMR (resting metabolic rate) test, analysis, and detailed report, and our Fitness (active metabolic rate) test, analysis, and detailed report are unique to each person being tested. The data and reports you receive will simply leave you speechless. In this image you can see just a fraction of the data we gather and this is just one page of the very detailed reports you will receive. Most diets and performance plans fail because they are just guesses as to what you need to do to achieve them. That ends now with your Clean Slate Health and Wellness metabolic test, analysis, report, coaching, exercise and diet plans. Check out the sample reports below.

Whether you wish to lose or gain weight, reach your optimal athletic performance, or to reach your optimal health, our metabolic tests, analysis, and detailed reports are a game changer. Our testing machine is portable and we can come to you in your home (if you have a exercise bike or treadmill) or at your gym. Athletes will see exactly how to train to reach their optimal performance without under or over training. Coaches will see exactly how to train each athlete on their team with detailed plans of what each athlete needs to reach optimal athletic performance, without over or under training their athletes. Pro and Semi Pro athletes can reach their optimal athletic performance that they may have thought they already reached. Parents can give their son or daughter a competitive advantage or the their competition. If you are a cyclist we can do a cycling test. If you are a runner, we can do a running test. If you want to lose weight we can do a number of different fitness tests. You might be a golfer and don't realize your structural limitation/s (respiratory, metabolic, or cardiovascular system/s) hinder your stroke or putting due to cognitive decline or core instability.  Maybe you just had surgery and are looking to recover. Once your doctor gives the ok to start exercising, a metabolic test will show us exactly how to get you back to your optimal health and athletic performance. You might be a grandparent just wanting to increase your mobility and strength to play with your grandchildren. Our testing device is portable and has clinical grade accuracy. All of our coaches doing metabolic tests, analysis, and consultations are certified metabolic testers through PNOE.

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In the image to the left you can see an example of a RMR (resting metabolic rate) test. This test when combined with the Fitness (active metabolic rate) test will show us a complete picture of how your cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems are working and working together. It will shows us where your limitation/s are and how to improve it to get your optimal performance, weight loss or gain, or health. The RMR test only takes 10 minutes of just laying quietly with your eyes closed and breathing normally.

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Here are a few images of different Fitness (active metabolic rate) tests in progress. Cycling, treadmill, assualt bike, and a few other testing options are available. The Fitness (active metabolic rate) test will only take 14 to 17 minutes to complete and the data will open your eyes wide.  When combined with the RMR test they will give us the best data to implement the plan that will get you to your optimal athletic performance, weight loss or gain, or health. The data and report will truly be a game changer that will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

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Book your test and analysis today. A Spirometry test and report is included with your metabolic test/s. We offer many different packages and even single tests. It is highly recommended to retest every 8 weeks to monitor your progress and adjust your goals even higher. Ask about group, team, club, and workplace pricing rates. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Schedule a Book your FREE consultation now.

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The image to the right is just one of many pages of the report that will be generated from the data of your complete metabolic test and analysis. Book today to get a personalized look at what is going on with your cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems. You will be blown away that in 30 minutes or less of testing we will gather all of this data. You will be given the report and your coach will go over the results with you showing you exactly what to do to reach your optimal athletic performance, weight loss or gain, or health. We also offer nutrition plans created by our registered dietitians and can even include a detailed grocery list. We also offer workout programs created by our exercise scientists, that are custom made just for you and your limitations. This kind of testing, data and personalization has only been offered in a clinical setting or to the very wealthy. That changes now with Clean Slate Health and Wellness metabolic testing. There are a limited amount of spaces to ensure our clients the best results. Book Now