At Clean Slate Health and Wellness helping you reach your optimal health, performance, and life is our main focus.  In addition to our life changing health and wellness services, we now offer two tests that can offer you the most extensive snapshot of human physiology in less than 30 minutes of testing. Two tests that can scan precisely and non-invasively the health of all essential vital functions including your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and metabolic system. A major advantage to our PNOE device is it is portable and we come to your home or wherever you train, no more having to go to a clinic. With your Tests you will receive all the data in your detailed report, and what it all means with your 1 on 1 report consultation, plus the 1 on 1 coaching required to build the most personalized plan consisting of your daily caloric burn, fat and carbohydrate utilization, and personalized training zone thresholds made only for you. No more guesswork. A Natural and scientific way to improve your health, weight loss/gain, and athletic/exercise performance. "You didn't come this far, to only come this far"  Book your FREE consultation to learn more HERE

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  • Create the positive change you desire for your health, weight loss, weight gain, or athletic/exercise performance.

  • Metabolic rate testing and 1 on 1 health and life coaching to reach your goal/s.

  • Metabolic rate testing is great for employers to offer to employees to help increase production, reduce sick days and injuries. Ask about special group rates.

  • Metabolic rate testing is just what is needed for athletic directors and coaches to help get their team to the next level of performance. Ask about special group rates.

  • Weight loss clinic and gyms adding our metabolic testing to your clients will help your clients reach their goal/s. Ask about special group rates.

  • Personal trainers, health coaches, and dieticians by using our metabolic rate testing for your clients, there will be no more guesswork on what your clients caloric, exercise, and rest needs are, just personalized data for your clients, including personalized training heart rate zones.


Metabolic rate testing and health coaching for weight loss or weight gain

  • Weight loss or weight gain (muscle) without the guesswork.

  • See how your cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems are functioning.

  • Personalized training Heart Rate Zones.

  • Personalized caloric intake needs for active and inactive days.

  • Personalized diet plans customized to your needs and likes.

  • Personalized exercise plans.

  • 1 on 1 coaching to set a goal/s and stay on track to hit them.

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Metabolic rate testing and coaching for athletic/exercise performance

  • Achieve optimal athletic and exercise performance.

  • The most extensive look at your cardiovascular, respiratory,a nd metabolic systems and how they are affecting your performance and health.

  • Stop over or under training which can result in injuries.

  • Faster recovery from injuries without the guesswork.

  • Parents give your son or daughter a safe competitive advantage.

  • Middle school, high school, collegiate, semi-pro, and pro athletes take your performance to your optimal level.

  • Coaches see exactly how to train your athletes to reach their optimal performance. No more over or under training your athletes.

  • Band directors see exactly what each member needs to improve their performance. 

  • Ask about special prices for multiple people, athletes or band members.

  • Without metabolic rate testing  you are not at your optimal performance level.

  • Improper breathing affects many aspects of performance and just a few examples are cognitive function and posture. Which result in any or all of the following: slower reaction times, poor decision making, muscle fatigue, and lower back pain.

  • Metabolic rate testing is a must to reach your optimal performance whether that means your personal best 18 hole score, winning the superbowl and every performance experience in between

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Metabolic rate testing, health and life coaching for overall health

  • Are you sick of being sick?

  • Do you want better health?

  • Hidden resistance known as the subconscious or unconscious mind may likely be playing a role in your current health.

  • Holistic and natural health coaching to help you achieve your optimal health.

  • Metabolic rate testing to get a look at exactly what is needed to improve your health and performance.

  • Personalized diet plans customized to your needs and likes.

  • Life coaching to reconnect you to your internal compass better known as your true purpose for being here.

  • Maybe you just had surgery or an injury. Metabolic rate testing can show help you recover faster and smarter. 

  • Maybe you were given a terminal or chronic disease diagnosis. Don't lose hope contact us today to get going on getting your health back.

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Always remember

Life is an amazing journey. Distractions, health issues, injuries, improper training, over training, under training, structural limitations, poor nutrition, and stress can all steer us away and halt our progress from achieving our optimal health, weight loss/gain, athletic/exercise performance and life. And at an even deeper level your subconscious mind can also be halting you from stepping into the unknown or creating positive change, better known as something new. Your metabolism is another major factor that needs to be tested and analyzed to create a exercise and nutrition plan that is made for you and just you, not some generic, wide sweeping protocol for everyone. Sometimes, it is a major life event that throws us off course from the life we dream of and are supposed to be living. Or it may be your health or weight that is an issue for you. You might even have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and it doesn't seem like there is any hope. You are not alone and there is hope. Don't give up ever! Let us help you to get back on track to your optimal health, athletic performance, weight loss/gain, and life. Everyone is unique and requires a different plan of action to reach their optimal health, athletic performance, weight loss/gain, or life. We will set a personalized plan for you, not a cookie cutter plan made for everyone. If you want to create positive change, then the good news is you found the people who care about you and making sure you reach your optimal health, athletic performance, weight loss/gain, and life. Now with our metabolic testing device the sky's the limit. We only take a limited amount of clients per month to ensure you get the absolute best results. 

Life is yours to live, contact us today and let us help you reach your optimal athletic performance and start living a healthier, happier, and more rewarding life that you are meant to be living. You control your own future, you hold the map to where you want to be in life. Let us help guide you to the point you want to be at.