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Pete Simonds

Certified Life Coach

Health Coach

Anxiety Relief Coach

Superconscious Coach

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We now live the beautiful state of Colorado, as we are both originally from small towns in the Midwest. We both love to help people whether its dealing with health issues, optimal athletic performance, weight issues(loss/gain), abuse, anxiety, or just wanting to live the good life you are meant to be living. We have both experienced the ups and downs of life in our past and found alternative methods that have helped us to move past the health, wellness, and life issues. We have converted to a plant based diet, healthier lifestyle, and have stepped outside the box, that society leads us to believe we have to live in.

Angie has worked as a Registered Nurse in many different medical and psych facilities. She also is a certified yoga instructor.  She is a cancer survivor, after using alternative treatments. She has traveled the world and gained wisdom and experience from many different cultures. Her specialty is addiction support and sexual trauma support. She has run many trauma and addiction groups and retreats. She can truly give you a perspective that most people can't when dealing with trauma, addiction, and disease.

Pete grew up ice skating from a very early age and played hockey through high school. He was hoping to go to college to play hockey, until he broke his back in his senior year of high school. Pete has worked as a holistic life and health coach, metabolic rate tester, small business owner, sports stadium manager, synthetic turf specialist, grounds and irrigation technician, HVAC crew leader, facilities lead for a private school, and other rewarding jobs. "Over the years he has always known his passion was to help people live their best life. He loves to help people get through tough situations and achieve a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life. His focus is your optimal total health, wellness, happiness, and athletic performance. We are excited to offer 1 on 1 coaching, and also offer nutrition and exercise plans made just for you. 


Through our own past experiences and education we have learned what works and what doesn't for us, and we look forward to sharing these methods with you.  With our caring, patient, common sense guidance and coaching we will help you get to where you want to be with your total health, wellness, happiness, athletic performance, health and life; change is one step forward from where you are now. It never gets easier than it is today to create positive change and optimal health and athletic performance.

Angie Zimmerman-Simonds, RN

Holistic Health Coach

Trauma Support Mentor

Addiction Support Mentor

Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200

Usui Reiki Master

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